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Fuji in Spring

Embark on a delightful journey into the heart of spring with our enchanting "Fuji in Spring" video tutorial. Immerse yourself in the magic of cherry blossoms, vibrant hues, and the iconic silhouette of Mount Fuji, as we guide you through the creation of a whimsical masterpiece that captures the essence of this enchanting season. In this step-by-step tutorial, our experienced artist will lead you through the process of bringing the beauty of the Japanese spring to life on canvas. Learn the art of blending acrylic colors to recreate the soft petals of cherry blossoms in full bloom, and master the technique of capturing the play of sunlight on the majestic slopes of Mount Fuji. Basic Art Material Checklist: Canvas: Between 11x14 to 16x20 in size; Acrylic Paints: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow; 3 Brushes: Big Flat Brush, Medium Flat Brush, Small Tiny Round Brush; Paint Palette; Napkins; Water Cup. More specifics in video segments.

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