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Kevin Hart Painting with Lia


I'm here (not Mr. Hart) to make sure your party goes on smoothly from the beginning to the end. For a more organized party planning, below are the very important information on how to prepare for your Private Paint & Sip Party.

Lia M. (Art Instructor)

Prep info you should know:

Session Start Time:

The painting session start time is the time you booked us for. We can have a 10-minute wait time in case you have guests that are running late, but it’s very important that we don’t pass the time limit. In many cases, we have classes one after another and would like to be on time for our next reservation. Expect us to arrive between half an hour - to an hour before the painting session start time so we can set up your venue into an art studio.


Preparation for your Guests:

We highly recommend having your guests arrive at least half an hour earlier before the painting session - just to make sure they are settled in by the time our Art Instructor starts. Your guests’ timely appearances are much appreciated to ensure a fun and exciting experience. If you have already sent your invitation with the time you booked us for, please let us know to change your session 30 minutes later than your original booking time as soon as possible.


→ QUICK TIP: Remind your participating guests to keep their favorite or fancy attire stain-free! Although we provide aprons, attendees should still wear painting party-worthy clothing.


RSVPs - Painting Participants:

Have your guest RSVP for the painting session so that you’ll have a better idea of how many seats to reserve. Clear-up space comfortable enough for all your guests. We set up and bring art sets for the maximum number of guests per your statement. We charge by the number of art materials set-up with a minimum of 10 sets. Notify us of any changes before the party to avoid extra set-up charges. For the possibility of unexpected guests, we bring a couple of extra sets to accommodate them. Charges apply for any additional set-up. 


Remaining Balance:

Submit the final head count at least 1 day prior to your Painting Party. The remaining balance (if any) will be invoiced before your event date. Due 1 day before your party.


Extra Wait Time: If you need a longer wait time, we charge $100 for every hour of wait time. Please notify us ahead of time to make sure we assign an Art Instructor who can accommodate your extra time requests.


The Painting Selection for the Party:

All participants will follow along - painting the same image. Adults and kids can choose any painting from our PAINTING CATALOG. However, kids especially those under 7 years old can choose to use pre-stenciled paintings that they can trace and color. You can take a look at what we already have, or let us know their favorite character & we can create stencil sets for it. As much as possible, please send us your choice of painting at least 3 days before your party.


Setting-up & Cleaning-up:

We arrive between 30 - 60 minutes prior to the painting session start time. We will set up your venue like an art studio with all the necessary art materials. Click here to see examples of our set-up. We bring rectangular plastic table covers. It’s best to provide your own table covering to match your party theme. Please keep your tables clear of any items so we can set up the art materials. Cleaning-up: We will need about 15 minutes or so to clean up after the session. The approximate time we will be at the venue is around 3 to 4 hours (could be longer if you have 20 or more guests).


→ QUICK TIP: If you’re having an outdoor venue on a hot day, be sure to have your painting party under a shaded area. Keep in mind that it will get dark in the evening, and it can be harder to paint without proper lighting. If indoors, be sure to have a large space with plenty of room for everyone to move around.



We bring all the art materials. But we do not provide tables, chairs, food, or drinks. If you don’t have table covers, we bring random colors of disposable covers on rectangular-shaped tables. In some cases, with 30 or more guests, our Art Instructor will bring one or two assistant(s) to help with the set-up, clean-up, painting instructions, etc. For more info click here to read the FAQs about our services.


Social Media:

Also, we are very sentimental social media people. We love capturing & documenting memories. On many occasions, we take pictures and/or videos of your party. We edit & make fun, watch worthy REELS on IG & FB. You can find our captured memories on any of our social media sites. Check them out & enjoy!! IG: and Feel free to follow us to see other fun parties & paintings.


*** If you wish to OPT OUT of us taking photos and/or videos, please inform the Art Instructor before the start of your painting session.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thanks.

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