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  • What is your service area? Do you go to my location?
    For In-Person Painting Parties, we DO NOT charge travel fees within our service area. Our service area is 30-mile radius of Los Angeles zip codes 91325 (Northridge) & 91387 (Santa Clarita). View the map below for coverage per Art Instructor. Contact us before booking directly to find out if your venue is within our service area. If you are outside our service area, and would still like to book us, we charge a TRAVEL FEE of $10/mile after the 30th mile mark from our location. Promotional discounts do not apply outside our service area. ​ Paint Me A Party is part of a Painting Party (Paint & Sip) community. If we are not available to service your event, inquire anyway so we can try to direct you to other Art Instructors who may be able to serve you. We love supporting other Artists and other small businesses. 😊 (For Virtual Painting Parties) We can serve you anywhere - globally.
  • Do you know of any venues that accepts private painting parties?
    Participating Venues: (In-Person Paint Parties) If you need a venue for your party, you can contact local restaurants, cafes, breweries, wineries, etc. to inquire about their policies on painting parties. To start with, we have worked with the following venues: Mimi's Cafe, El Torito's, Sagebrush, Coral Tree Cafe, Hand Brewed Brewery, and many others. To use their private room or semi-private "Paint & Sip" section, there may or may not be a minimum purchase for food & drinks. Please contact the venues for details. Creative Outlet's Art & Craft Studio: Private parties with 6-20 participants can use the studio with an $100 additional charge. BYOB and snacks. Corbin Bowl's Recreational Room: Parties with 30 to 100 people. [Best for fundraising or community events]. Please ask Corbin Bowl in Tarzana for details.
  • Where are you located?
    We are based in California > Los Angeles > mainly in San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, and Conejo Valley. We do not have an actual studio location. We are a mobile painting party service where we travel to your venue.
  • Can't find the answer you're looking for?
    Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.
  • How far in advance can we book you?
    You can always view our availabilities and book us directly from the website. The cut off is four (4) months ahead to date.
  • Where can we have a party?
    You can have the party anywhere as long as there are easy access to water and as long as it's not windy. You can have it at any participating restaurants, breweries, wineries, recreational areas, etc. QUICK TIP: If you’re having an outdoor venue on a hot day, be sure to have your painting party under a shaded area. Keep in mind that it will get dark in the evening, and it can be harder to paint without proper lighting. If indoors, be sure to have a large space with plenty of room for everyone to move around.
  • When should I tell my guest to arrive?
    We highly recommend having your guests arrive at least half an hour earlier before the painting session - just to make sure they are settled in by the time our Art Instructor starts. Your guests’ timely appearances are much appreciated to ensure a fun and exciting experience. If you have already sent your invitation with the time you booked us for, please let us know to change your session 15-30 minutes later than your original booking time.
  • What should we wear at painting parties?
    Remind your participating guests to keep their favorite or fancy attire stain-free! Although we provide aprons, attendees should still wear painting party-worthy clothing.
  • How big of a table should we have?
    A 6 foot folding table can fit about 5-6 participants by itself. With multiple, and when placed side to side horizontally, we can fit more. For instance, two - 6 foot tables, side by side can fit 12 small kids, and 10 adults. See examples below. Settings for adults To see more studio set-ups, click here.
  • Who sets up the studio?
    For In-Person Paint Parties, we arrive between half an hour to an hour before the painting session. We will set up your venue like an art studio. Please keep your tables clear of any items so we can set up the art materials for each participant. We bring white rectangular plastic table covers. However, feel free to provide your own table covering to match your party theme. Click here to see examples of our set-up. Cleaning-up: We will need about 15 minutes or so to clean up after the session. The approximate time we will be at the venue is around 3 to 4 hours (longer if you have 20 or more guests). The total time we will be at your venue would be around 3 - 4 hours (additional hour(s) may occur with a party of 25+).
  • Can we decorate for our themed party?
    Definitely! In fact, it's highly recommended for a Social Media worthy moment. However, please clear-up space comfortable enough for all your guests. Leave the tables item free so that we can quickly put the art material sets for each participant. (Add photos of settings here)
  • Can we get some extra wait time so guests arrive with everything already set-up?
    If you need a longer wait time, we charge $30 for every half an hour of wait time. Please notify us ahead of time to make sure we assign an Art Instructor who can accommodate your extra time request.
  • Do you provide the tables and chairs?
    We do not provide tables and chairs. If you don't have tables & chairs, consider Package D - where we bring standing easels instead of table easels.
  • Do you provide aprons?
    For in-person parties, we provide used fabric aprons or disposable plastic aprons.
  • Do we choose the image to paint?
    You can choose from any painting in our painting catalog which has over 300 paintings to choose from. We also send a link to our painting catalog after customers book us for a party. ************ Do you have a theme for your party? ************ Let us customize a painting to match your theme. Contact us for details.
  • What if my guests are late for the party?
    Please ask guests to arrive at least 30 minutes before the painting start time so that we may begin instructing as scheduled. ($60 per hour may be charged if the event starts later than 1 hour of the booked time.) In cases where we have parties one after another, we will need to begin the session no later than 10-15 minutes after your reserved time. For guests & participants of livestream/Virtual Paint Parties, we do not refund any late or absent participant(s) on the reserved/paid seats.
  • Do you post your painting party pictures on the Internet?
    Yes. We are very sentimental social media people. We love capturing & documenting memories. On many occasions, we take pictures and/or videos of your party. You can find our party captured memories on any of our social media sites particularly on IG & FB: *** If you wish to opt out of us taking photos and/or videos, please inform us before we start your painting session.
  • Can we choose a painting outside of your Painting Catalog?
    It's best when you choose what we have in our catalog. There are certain companies and artists that do not allow anyone else to use their original made arts. In other words, many companies & artists have copyrights that we cannot violate. However, we can customize and create paintings for your parties - which will become our original made arts and can be used for future selections in our catalog. FYI: Paint Me A Party is part of a Paint & Sip (Painting Party) Industry such as Social-Artworking, Artsy Association, and YayMaker. We have the rights to use any of their paintings and/or arts.
  • Do you provide a live painting Instructor?
    Yes. For in-person and live-streaming parties, we have a live Art Instructor that will show the step-by-step process of how to create a beautiful painting from beginning to end.
  • Do you provide art materials?
    For in-person sessions, we provide all the art material sets you'll need. Please note, we do not provide tables and chairs. Materials provided... *Canvas (Size varies from package chosen) *Synthetic Paint Brushes: 1.) Big flat brush around 2.) Middle size flat brush 3.) Small pointy brush *Acrylic Paints *Paint Palettes - Paper Plates *Paint Cups *Napkins *Aprons *Easels *Other materials may apply depending on the type of painting you select. Refer to the Art Instructor for details. For virtual (live-streaming & video tutorials), you have the option to use your own, or purchase painting kits from us.
  • Does the paint come off?
    Yes & no - depending on the surface and/or fabric. We recommend washing the paint off within a minute of contact. Nonporous surfaces are more likely to resist wet paint. However, if not cleaned up right away, result of staining could be permanent. We advise for all participants to wear appropriate painting attire. We use water-based and non-toxic acrylic paints. They are known to stain fabrics permanently. It's recommended for you and your guests to hold off on wearing fancy clothing for these type of events.
  • Do you have other charges? Hidden Fees?
    For in-person parties, we do not add any other charges such as set-up, clean-up, or travel fees when venue is within a 30-mile radius of Northridge/Los Angeles CA 91325. There is a travel fee of $10/mile outside our service area which is after the 30th mile from Northridge 91325.
  • Payment Dues & Invoices
    We require a reservation deposit of $100 to reserve your party date & time. The remaining balance is due at the end of the event via CC, Venmo, Zelle, or Cash. (Invoice for full payment and/or remaining balance upon request) For invoice requests, payment(s) and/or remaining balance(s) are due on the date stated on the issued invoice(s). As vendors, we understand that some companies who hire us for company events have policies they must meet in order to get payment approvals through their accounting department. Although we prefer to receive the full payment within 1 week after issuing our invoice(s), please notify us of any payment policies you may have before booking and hiring us. This way, we'll have a clear understanding of when & how we will receive our payment(s).
  • Can we pay individually (per person)?
    For in-person parties: To save time, and to avoid confusion with multiple payments by individuals, the leading host must collect the payments of each participant whether it be cash, check, or electronic before the event.
  • What is your cancelation & rescheduling policy?
    Once you have paid the reservation deposit and/or paid in full, your reserved date and time is confirmed. Check your email for up to date preparation info. Cancelling your reserved event will result in forfeiting your deposit. However, you can RESCHEDULE up to 2 times (14 days) prior to your reserved date. If paid in FULL, you must cancel by notifying us before the 14-day non-refundable period of your initial reserved date for a refund. There is a $100 charge for refunds. We do not refund rescheduled reservations. We do not refund individually purchased virtual/livestream tickets. We do not refund Painting Kit Purchases.
  • I saw your price change before I can book you...
    We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have inquired but have not yet paid for a service, we guarantee the price for one month from when the inquiry was placed.
  • Do you have any promotional items or discounts?
    Occasionally, we have limited promotional discounts. Check our ads in Yelp or any of our Social Media accounts.
  • Can you cancel or refuse my booking?
    Yes. Although it hasn't happened within our services, we have the rights to refuse our services.
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