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Summer Beach Painting Party Theme

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Who loves a day at the beach? This beach themed paint party from Lydi Out Loud is cute and easy. If you're short on time, a painting session at your party will definitely make your party memorable.

How to make this party happen?

Step 1: Decorate

Need to make your party sassy? You don't have to go all out. If you're on a budget, simply elevate your party by using a sand bucket to hold utensils or get some paper umbrellas to add to your drinks and desserts. A designated snack & dessert table is a quick way to look like you went all out.

Step 2: Serve snacks

Letting guests serve themselves is the easiest way to keep everyone hydrated, fed and happy! Provide simple finger food like veggies, cupcakes, chips, pieces of fruits, and maybe some agua fresca (or sangria) that can be served from a pitchers.

Step 3: Schedule a Paint & Sip to host your party

This is such a fun way to spend a brunch or girls night in with your your besties. Make sure to have tables & chairs enough to fit all your participating guests. Choose your beach themed painting and we'll take care of the rest. We'll have your place looking like a cute art studio in no time.

Step 4: Relax, paint, socialize, drink, and have fun with your friends.

Don't forget to take a group picture once you're done painting!

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